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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  July 7, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, a greasy mess in the district. roads closed and commuters left with a traffic headache. family and friends are gathered to say good-bye to a teenage murder victim as police release new clues that they hope will lead to her killer. the extreme heat. today's temps could make the record book. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm ying yang. we begin this morning with the extreme heat taking a look outside right now. the difference you feel today
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even higher humidity if you can imagine that. tom kierein joins us with the latest on the first forecast. tom, it is bad out there, bad are bad. >> got to break out the "o" word, oppressive. it has turned more humid today unlike yesterday when we dried out. today, we are probably not going to do that. this humidity is thicker. here is a live view from our sky watcher camera. good morning. welcome to dante's inferno. that is about as far as we can see, a mile from our tower camera. in the distance, you cannot see washington. the visibilities are down to only about 3 or 4 miles with this thick humidity in the air. right now, 95 at national airport. the dew point up at a steamy 68. elsewhere, we are into the low and mid-90s. prince george's county, montgomery, arlington fairfax, the low 90s. all these counties under an excessive heat advisory.
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the district of columbia and all of maryland. this is the zone where we could have heat-related illnesses if precautions north taken. this is the current heat index, the combination of temperature and humidity feels like 101 in washington. elsewhere, in the mid and upper 90s throughout much of virginia and the eastern shore. this large area of high pressure that's been responsible for this high heat is drifting to our south and things should cool down a bit tomorrow. this afternoon, up around 100 degrees. heat index near 105. details on that break coming our way. we'll look at that the rest of the week and the weekend in a few minutes. >> definitely looking forward to that break, tom. some residents in the district and surrounding suburbs woke up to dark homes. there are still hundreds without power. outage expanded overnight in northeast d.c. so many people wanting to cool their homes. the power company says underground power lines are being overwhelmed. news 4 tracy wilkins has more
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from northeast. >> pepco spokesman say they are still looking at a significant number of people here who either don't have power or who only have partial power here at eighth and 12 eth street. they say the entire situation is a good example of what can happen when we are using too much energy at one time. working o way. we think, we are going to lose power. everything comes to a grinding halt around here. >> that's what happened for dennis morgan, a shutdown since monday night as the city sweats through its third day in a record-breaking heat wave. >> it was like 102 yesterday. that's not even the heat index. the heat index was 105. >> i caved and went off to an internet cafe and hung out in the air-conditioning all day. it was pretty miserable. >> even today, he only has partial power. he is one of the 500 to 700 customers within a three block radius of his home who are still
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living sometimes completely in the dark. >> we are not reinforcing additional cables to strengthen the mode to support the system. a combination of heat and safety of our residents underground. >> when the cables burn, the fire and smoke could be seen from above ground. >> with all the polycarbons and plastic burns, it is tough stuff. in the potomac, the pepco guys were scrambling. my hat is off to them. >> these offer minor ventilation for pepco workers. temperatures can rise more than 120 degrees. >> we have to work within safety guidelines. we are work as quickly as we can to bring our customers a up. we know they are sweating. >> reporter: pepco spokesman says recent retrofitting in addition to the high-power uses
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c contributed to these aging lines giving up yesterday. this may not be an isolated situation. >> this is an old city wechlt have our wires and we upgrade and update as necessary all the time. there is a possibility it could happen. >> they are asking everyone to conserve energy while we go through hot days. they are saying keep your shades and blinds closed during the day. they are also asking folks to use their dishwashers and washing machines after peak times like after 8:00 p.m. if you live in dc and you are looking for a place to chill out, four cools seven teres are open. they are at one square, and on rhode island and rhode island avenue northeast. folks can come into the air-conditioning and get a drink of cold water. during the weekdays, with extreme heat, they are open from noon until 6:00. mayor fendi announced the
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district will extend the hours of pools and libraries. they will open two hours earlier and clothes an hour later. the district suggested that libraries would be a good place to cool off. some were open as late as 9:00 last night and plan to extend their hours for the rest of the week. chopper 4 is over the u.s. naval academy. four mid shipmen suffered from heat-related incidents. a spokeswoman stated that the midshipmen are receiving proper treatment. po for more ways to beat this heat, visit our website, a look for drivers in d.c. it is making a real mess of the roads literally. there is something slippery on the roads at 14th and "u" in
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northwest. it is causing an inconvenience for drivers and pedestrians a like. >> reporter: if you can take a look behind me, there is sand covering the road from curb to curb. the streets are still blocked off around the "u" street corridor. they are calling this an accidental spill. it may be oil or grease but we actually have no confirmation of what exactly is on the roads. it's a fact of life. road conditions affect traffic. this morning, along the "u" street corridor, a slick and greasy mess shut down several streets. >> the heat is going to make it worse. >> i know it is going to be a mess. we have to get it together, you streets.
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we're not exact lie sure when they plan to reopen this stretch of "u" street. we asked some crews that a few moments ago whether it would be sooner or later. they said definitely later. eun? >> elaine, thank you. >> let's check on the conditions elsewhere on the roads. jerry edwards joins us with the latest.
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good morning to you. let's head out and see how we are doing for our midday. it is kind of a rocky midday as we head on over. northern virginia along the 95 northbound corridor, heavy traffic headed up to the capital beltway. a couple of issues a short time ago, most of which should be out of the roadway. there is also the continuing construction on the southbound side of i-95. we had an accident on the outer loop of the beltway around the bend at the dulles toll road. as a result of those delay, the outer loop slows before you get to river road. this is running very, very slowly. there had been activity right about there. the good news, that is cleared. hopefully, that will be a sign things will begin to improve. we will keep you updated as well as what's happening over on "u" street. eun? family and friends are saying good-bye to a fairfax county teen murdered more than a week ago.
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she was found stabbed to death on the side of rult 50. the 19-year-old's funeral is going on right now in vienna. she just completed her freshman year at see ana college of art and design. some of her artwork was on display yesterday at an all-day viewing. >> i just really wanted people to see she was talented. yesterday, i was a maniac. i went to three different michaels and i bought out the entire store and all these frames. i just wanted to grab all of her stuff and display what i could, because i feel like the people coming, they should see what she did. fairfax county police have released a video of vanessa fan's car in the parking lot of the fairfax shopping center. we will have much more coming up on "news 4 at 4:00," 5:00, and 6:00. three northern virginia
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residents accused of spying for russia are due in court today. a preliminary hearing is scheduled in alexander. fbi agents arrested all three. they admit they were using false identities, among 11 people being charged of being part of a spying operation. they wanted to exchange one the spies for one of our spies. heat not only a problem for our area. a look at what entire town thats lo the power because of power in our area. >> benjamin
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arizona's immigration battle is heading to court. the rule requires police to question a person's immigration status if there is a reasonable suspicion if they are in the couldn't interest i illegally. it requires illegal immigrants to carry their papers with them. critics say the law amounts to discrimination.
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tar balls are now washing up on beaches along the atlantic coast of florida. yesterday, tar balls were found along a three-mile stretch of the beach in cocoa beach, florida. the coast guard will test the tar balls to figure out if they came from the gulf oil spill or another source. oil is seeping into lake ponchartrain north of new orleans. the lake is well-known as a popular boating and fishing spot. lake pan char train has still been recovering from hurricane katrina, which contaminated the lake waters. now, to continuing quonch of this extreme heat and record-breaking heat as well. that's suffocating those of us who live in the nation's capital. it turns out we north the only ones suffering. kimberly suiters joins us live from the "newsroom" tracking the numbers. >> it is not just us. park ridge, new jersey, population, 9,000, the entire town lost power last night. people were literally evacuated from that town.
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you are looking at emergency crews checking in on people at assisted living facilities. the demand for power caused a line to burn and the power grid then sailed. it went down at 8:00 last night and didn't come back up until just before 7:00 this morning. the wave of heat spreading up and down the east coast toppling records, cities take the brunt because they are dense and built up absorbing more solar energy during the day and releasing it more slowly at night. yesterday, philadelphia hit 102. new york, 103. baltimore, 105. >> it feels like i am in the sun or something like that. >> you can bear cli breaarely b. >> sweating up a storm. unbearable. >> they kept air conditioned libraries opened normal. calls because of the heat are up 30%. one philadelphia man said it best. it looks like this is something we are going to have to get used to for a while, he said. then, he added, if you figure out a way to do that, let me
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know. back to you in the studio. >> i don't have any answers for that either. kimberly suiters, kimberly, thank you. tom, you probably don't have any answers on how to stay cool in this weather, do you? >> stay in the a.c. >> we have entered that time of the day where if you do have extended exposure, you are risking injury to your health. this is now the time when we've got the really big heat building and the high humidity is in place. as we take a look now, here is a view from chopper 4, this is a place where you might want to be. right there on the bay, maybe sailing on one of the -- this is right off of annapolis. live view from chopper 4. that's where we would love to be right now. a little bit of a breeze off the water. bay water temperatures are around 80 degrees, which is a lot cooler than the air temperatures. here is the view from our sky watcher camera. this is maybe where you don't want to be. washington, there in the distance somewhere, look at how
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thick the haze is right now. all humidity. 95 at national airport. record high, 99 set on this date back in 1991. we only have four more degrees to go to match that. we will exceed it probably by the next two or three hours. in addition, the air quality is lousy. we have the air pollution building in nearly stagnant air. anyone who has a heart or lung disease should definitely stay inside. as we look at the other temperatures, well, it is into the mid-90s. arlington, fairfax, low 90s. southern maryland, near the chesapeake bay, northern neck and on the northern shower, 90. all these counties under an excessive heat advisory. this is the zone where there could be heat illnesses with extended exposure to this heat. all of maryland including the eastern shore under this
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excessive heat advisory. this feels like the temperature, heat index is in the low 100s. 103, prince george's county. 101, washington and into the low 100s as well. montgomery, arlington and fairfax, dew points in the upper 60s. they are probably going to stay elevated today. here is the latest visibilities in miles. generally, three, four, five-mile visibility with the thick haze. temperature now at richmond, 97. eastern shore, salisbury, already cooking, mid-90s. relief in the mountains. near 80. this morning, near 60 there. enormous area of high pressure rotating over the mid-atlantic states. affecting weather not only here but from new england down to the carolinas. the high pressure sitting over us here is going to continue to be over us today. it will slip to the south tonight. at that time, we will get an area of low pressure developing along cape has ter russ. this week's low will give us a bit of an easterly flow.
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there is going to be a coom front approaching us on friday. out ahead of that, we could get showers and thunderstorms developing, a greater chance of that as this front does sweep through friday night into saturday morning. for the rest of this afternoon, highs up to 100. the heat index up to 105. that is dangerous heat. you definitely, unless you absolutely have to go squout si stay in the a.c. stay safe. temperatures tonight aren't going to be much relief. it will be near 90 by late evening and dawn, near 80 during the day tomorrow. humidity still high. maybe higher than today. the temperatures should be a bit cooler. a small chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. a greater chance on friday and saturday with highs near 90 both days. lower humidity. hooray. arriving on sunday into monday. a couple of days, we will get a break. more humid as we get into the midweek next week. >> pitiful, we have to say
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hooray, 90s. let's check on the mid-day traffic once again. jerry edwards joins us with the latest. >> on the bright side, we are inside and folks out there working on the roads, it has to be hot out there. we had a bunch of trouble throughout the latter part of the rush-hour and beginning mid-day here on the beltway in maryland. outer loop still crawling coming off the i-270 spur. a couple of broken-down vehicles and an accident down around the toll road. lanes are open but it will take a while for that to thin out. no doubt about it. let's head over and see how we are doing. the road work in place. 95 southbound as you head down newington and lorton, right lane is taken away. hov lanes are configured and open for sound bound traffic. very good news if you are headed to points southbound. you know how frustrating it can be when the airline uses your bags.
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israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, can reemt. they lost one of his is he curity detail briefcases. it was to be thrown to new york. instead, the bag wound up in l.a. four handguns in the suitcase are now missing. police believe they were stolen. american airlines is not commenting. an annual test of bravery and foolishness is underway in spain this morning. the first running of the bulls kicked off. six fighting bulls are run with six steers. the idea is to keep them in a tight pack. they are most dangerous when they leave the pack. no one was gored today. several people were trampled but they are expected to be okay. there will be seven more bull runs before the end of the festival. not for the faint of heart. 11:22 is your time now. 97 degrees. still ahead, president obama is expected to speak in the next
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few minutes at the white how. we will tell you what part of the economy he is focusing on. a foul ball leads to a terrifying fall. how a fan is doing after plunging from the upper deck. >> how lindsay lohan responded when a judge sent her to jail. here is what's hot on
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wow! the fan tumbled out. i pray that he is okay. >> scary moments at a baseball game in texas. a fan fell from the upper deck while trying to catch a foul ball last night. amazingly, the man was able to move all of his extremities despite falling about 30 feet and landing on his back. he was rushed to the hospital and there is no word on his condition right now. four other fans were hurt when the man landed on them. they are expected to be okay. the game was delayed about 15 minutes. the looks on those players' faces says it all. we will look tomorrow night where lebron james will be playing next year. he will announce during a prime time special which team he will be signing with. james is a free agent and has been courted by several teams. some expect him to resign with the cleveland cavaliers, the team he has been part of his whole career.
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others see him playing for the new york knicks or chicago bulls. right now, president obama is trying to keep his promise. during the state of the union, he pledged to double u.s. exports over the next five years. this morning, the president is names 18 corporate chiefs to an advisory council he created to help him meet that goal. here is a live look at the white house where the president is expected to speak at any moment. he says, we are off to a good start. exports increase 17% during the first four months of this year compared to the same period in 2009. 11:27 is your time right now. 98 degrees. the heat is causing problems for everyone from rail commuters to motoris motorists. tom kierein is back to let us know when we will see relief from the heat. a 4-year-old is taken from her front yard. where police found the young girl. a rare bird makes a bad meal choice.
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what it is that sent veterinarian
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"news 4 midday" are hoping a surveillance video helps find the person who killed the 19-year-old stabbed to death inside of her car in falls church last sunday. they just released a video of her car in the fairfax plaza parking lot shortly before her body was discovered.
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"u" street is closed. someone dumped something slick on the road overnight. crews still aren't sure who is behind the mess. they believe a truck driving through the area might have accidentally unloaded the substance on to the road. this heat can make you feel a little sluggish. apparently, it is doing the same thing to metro. this train on the red line crawled between the new york avenue and rhode island avenue stations yesterday at five miles an hour. that's because the high temperatures cause a kink in the tracks which forced the trains to take it slowly. that led to cramped cars and delays for riders. >> a lot of people complaining. it was really crowded on that train. so many people. it was ridiculous. >> metro said it is watching the weather conditions very closely so it can take care of any problems immediately.
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tom kierein is here with the latest on this forecast. we need relief, tom, immediately. >> it is not going to come very soon. there is some relief on the far distant horizon. that ir there is the jefferson memorial sitting there amongst the summer haze. the view from our sky watcher camera looking off towards virginia from 300 feet above northwest washington university. i think virginia is in the distance there somewhere in the thick haze. 95 in washington now. low to mid-90s elsewhere. right near the bay, a little bit of wind off the water. the feels-like temperature, the heat index is up to 100 to 105 already. the combination of temperature and humidity. we will be hovering in the same zone through the afternoon. high near 100. the record is 99. we will probably match or beat that record at national airport. tonight, not much relief. although, it will cool down to around 90 by mid evening and upper 80s by midnight. bottom out, upper 70s to near 80
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tomorrow morning. during the day on thursday, should be a bit cooler with a little bit of a southeasterly breeze. that will bring in more humidity tomorrow and give us a small chance often an isolated thunderstorm. a small chance of rain through saturday afternoon. cooler temperatures near 90 both days. the big story is we are going to get some much-needed rain. lower humidity moves in on sunday, monday. highs, upper 80s to near 90. >> thanks so much. this heat can be damaging to your car. an overheated car can destroy your engine. aaa joins us. they received nearly double the service calls yesterday. >> we had almost 8,000 service calls in our service area yesterday. that's an astonishing number for the day after the fourth of july was celebrated. we had about 4,000 on the same day a year ago so that shows you
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that the impact of this heat on automobiles and motorists too. >> what should a motorist do if his or her car overheats? >> the first thing you should do is shut the car down. once the temperature gauge goes into the red area, red zoep, th warning sign for you. please shut the vehicle down and move to the side of the road as safely as you can and wait for help. allow the engine to cool down. if you don't, that engine can easily warp. that's going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to repair. in some cases, it may destroy the engine. >> some people i see try to poor water on the engine. does that help at all? >> i have seen advice like that. i talked to our mechanics yesterday. they said, the safest thing to do is to shut it off. >> what are precautions people can take to avoid precautions in the first place? >> the first thing is, you should have had your car serviced a long time ago. if you haven't had a service, we would advice people not to drive in the heat of the day. drive in the early morning or
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the afternoon. keep an eye on the temperature gauge. one of the things you can do and i wouldn't recommend this to everyone but depending on your health and stamina, turn the air-conditioning off in the car. this will keep the car from overheating. the other thing you should do is to have a service kit so in case the car stops, that you could have extra coolant and water in case you are in harm's way or you find yourself stranded on the side of the road until some emergency vehicle can come and rescue you. >> that goes to my next question about that emergency kit. what else should people have in their vehicles at all times especially during these hot, summer months? >> one of the most important things to have will be jumper cables. also, you should have water for yourself, so you can hydrate yourself. also, carry a cell phone. we have a problem where people talk on their cell phones while driving. this is the time that you should not be using your cell phone but have it in your car in case of an emergency. even a new car can break down in
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this type of heat. the heat is debilitating not only to human beings and animals and children but also to cars. each day that the heat wave goes on, the more likely you are to run into trouble. so be extremely cautious. >> of course, the washington area is known for all the traffic, the congestion. in this heat, especially the afternoon heat, the stop and go traffic, does that contribute to some of the problems as well? >> yes, it does. you are also taking in the exhaust from the cars in front of you. it may be a great time, if you ignore the fact that metro is also having problems, to telecommute. find an alternate means of transportation or try to work from home. >> it seems like all the buses, metro, everything is tapped. if you can work from home, that would be a good choice. >> would be a great thing. >> john townsend, aaa, thanks
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for joining us again. for more information and ways to beat the heat and a list of cooling centers in our area, you can visit our website, let's check in with this oppressive heat that comes with bright sunshine that will cause you to burn even if you are not careful, rather and just because you are wearing sunscreen doesn't mean you are protected. new labels are coming but not until labor day. until the rules change, here is how to keep your skin safe. nbc's erika edwards reports. >> reporter: you slather on the sunscreen. how do you know how well it is blocking the sun's harmful rays? experts say an spf of at least 30 is good. however, that tells only half the story. >> the spf really only tells you pretty much what the uvb protection is. it does not tell you the degree of uvb protection. >> uva penetrate deep into the
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skin and cause age spots and wrinkles. you could have a sunscreen with a super high spf but it will still leave you exposed if it doesn't offer broad spectrum blocking uva and uvb rays. a good sunscreen will say so on the label. which while good, isn't great. currently, they tell us nothing about how much of these rays are blocked. that should change this october when the food and drug admin stlags is expected to come out with a new rating system for uva protection on sunscreen. the proposed rules would limit spf value at 50. anything above that would be labeled 50 plus. some experts doubt whether a sun protection factor above that can be accurately proven. >> at some point, get to that area of diminishing returns that the higher the spf you go, the significance is really not that much greater. >> until the new rules are established, dermatologists recommended sticking with tried and true rules, use a lot of it and reapply every two to three
11:39 am
hours. you can find a good sunblock that is also a good deal. the target brand, up and up, sports sunscreen costs just $5 a bottle. it was recently rated as a best buy for sunscreen. let's check on the mid-day traffic once again. jerry edwards joins us with the latest. >> we are still dealing with a lot of delays. headed for downtown on south capital, you lose the left lane. look very carefully when you see the construction cones as you begin to taper off headed on up to the "i" street. the right lane is taken away between newington and lorton for the hov lanes. looking better toward the american legion bridge. earlier, a series of incidents including an accident on the outer loop at the toll road.
11:40 am
all of which have been cleared if not completely gone. coming down from river road across the bridge, still a little on the slow side. the lanes reopened. eun? >> this morning, a bank robbery suspect is in grave condition after leading officers on a chase through a corn field in montgomery county. it all started around 9:15 yesterday morning. the man robbed a pnc on middlebrook road in germantown. an hour later, they say he hit on another pnc bank in damascus. the chase came to an end in a corn field. >> the next thing i know, i see a red, i guess it was a camry, coming out of our corn about 60 miles an hour. >> they say the robber drove straight at an officer who opened fire. new today, a 4-year-old missouri girl who had been missing for more than a day has been found. ali sa mire was spotted late yesterday wondering around a car
11:41 am
wash over 70 miles from her home. she was snatched from her own front yard monday night. police say that people at the car wash noticed alisa around 10:00 p.m. after a car with a loud muffler got their attention. lisa's grandfather spoke with the "today" show to say they will stop at nothing to find who is responsible. >> he has to come to the realization that he has a problem and step up and take responsibility for that. and turn himself in. if it takes a while, we are going to find him. they are not going to give up on her. oh, no, it is not going to happen. >> lisa was taken to a hospital for observation but has been reunited with her family. police are searching for the car witnesses at the car wash. >> veterinarians at the national zoo are trying to figure out how a rare bird on the endangered
11:42 am
species list managed to swallow a fish hook. he is known to swallow anything in sight. recently, they noticed he wasn't eating anything at all. x-rays showed that he swallowed a fish hook. they performed emergency surgery to remove the hook and now it seems the bird is doing just fine. >> the bird has actually responded very, very well even after the procedure. she was up and around and very active. this morning, she has shown interest in food and actually has eaton a mouen a mouse. >> zoo keepers believe a colony of hairens might have brought a fish back with the hook attached and dropped it into the yard. mary j. blige's enrollment at howard university isn't exactly a sure thing. ♪ on friday, the queen of hip-hop told the crowd she was
11:43 am
accepted to the class of 2014. last night, however, howard said it would be happy to work with blige but that she hasn't finished the former application process yet. she recently earned her high schooliploma from new york city. 11:43 is your time now. still ahead on "news 4 midday," investigators remain cautious after wall street finally recorded gains tuesday. we will have the latest numbers. could a used car cost you more than a brand new one? we will ask the experts. stay with us
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if you are looking to buy a metro smart trip card, you may want to wait a little longer. according to the washington examiner, metro will lower the cost of the card from $5 to $250 on august 29th. as part of new fare increases, riders will be charged an extra 25 cents starting august 21st. they already pay more when paying cash instead of using a smart trip card. at least you will get relief if you drive. drivers now paying $2.72 nationwide. in d.c., drivers are paying $2.80. in maryland, the average price is $2.68. in virginia, $2.58. wall street finally broke its losing streak. will the gains continue? let's check in with courtney reagan. she joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning, courtney.
11:47 am
stocks are sort of shedding off this heat wave and rising higher. the dow is up 122 points. that's a really, really strong point in the day today. yesterday, we saw the same thing happen. ultimately, we lost a lot of those gains. like you mentioned earlier, investigators are still fredding wi about the economic recovery. asian markets fell overnight. they traded through most of the session lower. it looks like fewer consumers have been late on paying their loans, at least according to the american bankers association. credit card delinquencies fell below 20% in the first three months of 2010. the aba says people are borrowing more, saving less. they are going to make some work
11:48 am
cuts. the wall street journal says it is unclear how many jobs are going. probably less than the 5,000 cuts announced last year. they say layoff rs expected to be spread throughout the company. retailers shop more stores in the nation's shopping center this spring. a new report shows vacancy rates for shopping malls hit a ten-year high while strip malls not seen since 1991. retail outlets have been hurt more than other types of real estate has. we have got this oversupply of space built to serve new housing that never actually materializes an there is even more inventory out there that is not being used. back to you, eun. >> thank you. buying a new car can be cheaper than buying a used one. nbc's chris claken reports. >> reporter: what you will pay
11:49 am
for a used car has some experts saying it is actually cheaper to buy a new one. the reason? financing the new could cost less. >> we have been looking at data for the past year and a half. >> reporter: analysts at the auto sales research site, say the recession has driven up the use for used cars. the prices for used cars are up by as much as 11.5%. they can't compete with the much lower cost of financing a new one. >> lower finance programs, 0% for 60 months, it looks as if a new car could be cheaper than a used car. >> reporter: edmonds found about 93 models that are cheaper new than buying a used one. it is further price that the price gap between new and used
11:50 am
cars has been narrowing for about 18 months now. chris clakken, nbc news. 11:49 is your time. 100 degrees. coming up, lindsay lohan's tearful plea to stay out of
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i did do everything i was told to do and did the best i could to, you know, balance jobs
11:53 am
and showing up. i'm sorry. >> it's 90 days behind bars for lindsay lohan. a judge handed down the sentence in a los angeles courtroom. afterwards, the young actress burst into tears. she violated her probation by failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes. now, it looks like the once promising young actress' career will be on hold. leann greg has more. >> reporter: after a shocking day in court tuesday, lindsay lohan wakes up facing jail time. the california judge had had enough. 30 days in jail for the wreckless driving case, 30 days in jail on the first dui case consecutive and 30 days in jail on the second dui case. >> reporter: judge marsha ravel sentenced lohan to jail after she missed a string of alcohol
11:54 am
education classes and meetings. court ordered in connection with reckless driving and dui charges. lohan said she thought she had permission to miss the classes as long as she made them up. in fact, she said she would have made sure to attend all the classes if only she would have known. i had been taken aside and told that in detail. that would have been a different story. >> reporter: the judge didn't buy it and noted her history of noncompliance and ongoing excuses. her once promising movie career on hold and overshadowed by her next act, jail time. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> after lohan is out of jail, she has to complete a 90-day substance abuse program. she also has to refrain from drinking alcohol, submit to random drug testing and continue wearing a bracelet that can continue alcohol use. a big family feud might be over. levi johnston is mending fences with the pay lins.
11:55 am
he is bristol palin's former fiancee. he said he was upset about their breakup and said things about the palins that weren't true. in the past, he made headlines by criticizing sarah palin and her family saying there was a lot of talk about divorce in the household. >> let's take a look at some of the stories we are following on news 4. pat lawson muse joins us with a preview of things to come. coming up today on news 4, we will have live team coverage of the area deals with this incredible heat. we will tell you what's being done to make sure your power stays on. we will tell you what you need to know about pets in this heat. venus williams make her debut here in d.c. the tennis superstar hits the court for the first time tonight. this story coming up on news 4 starting at 4:00 this afternoon. eun? time now for a final check of our forecast. tom kierein joins us once again.
11:56 am
it is more of the same in washington. the heat builds one more day. we may get up to 100 today. it would be only the seventh time in the last ten years. it would be the third time this year. as we look off to the west, there is a live view from the sky watcher camera overlooking american university. low to mid-90s in montgomery, arlington and fairfax. a little breeze off the water feels better. it is well into the 90s. the heat index, combination of temperature and humidity making it feel like 100 to 105 around the region. highs today, up around 100. record is 99 at reagan national. we will probably break that with the hazy sunshine. not much relief tonight. it will be near 90 through mid evening and upper 70s by dawn
11:57 am
tomorrow. during the day on thursday, increased humidity. a bit of a southeast breeze should keep it cooler in the low to mid-90s for highs by tomorrow afternoon. there will be a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm and a greater chance of much-needed rain perhaps on friday afternoon and friday evening. highs before that near 90. might get a lingering shower saturday morning, perhaps a thundershower to the east of washington saturday afternoon. lower humidity moving in then. in place on sunday and monday with highs near 90. then, we get the humidity back mid-week next week. we seal you tomorrow morning. we will have to wait until friday for a little bit of relief. the rain coming in. that will be welcome too. you want to know who is going to win today's world cup semi final game between germany and spain? don't return to any experts or that vegas handicapper who thinks he knows it all. don't expect the right answer to come from a human. apparently, this octopus is the
11:58 am
best prague nosty okay tore around. he predicted every single game germany has played in this world cup. that's not good news for german fans. paul is going with spain in today's big game. going against his own country. too bad. the game is today. got to tune in and see if paul is right. that's "news 4 midday" for today. thanks for joining us. be sure to fun in to daily connection at 2:00 and news 4, 5:00, and 6:00. until then, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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